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Shore Resolutions provides both On-Site Training and Classroom Training Sessions

Our team of highly skilled certified consultants are always ready to advise on the best methods for achieving results with your Customer Relationship Management Solutions. Continuous interaction between our teachers and your employees, using practical skill building exercises, ensure the topics we cover are relevant to your training needs and consistent with the way your organization will use your CRM System.

There are two training paths that Shore Resolutions recommends in ensuring you are utilizing the technology to the fullest potential. If Shore Resolutions is your original partner from the beginning, our consultants train your staff while we are implementing the solutions, upon completion of each stage of the implementation, and at various future dates as determined by both the client and Shore Resolutions. If you are already a CRM customer and need a refresher course, or have a new employee, Shore Resolutions has several classroom training sessions. Below is an example of two of our CRM Classroom Training Sessions.

Provides a solid foundation in the principles of using Sage CRM and focusing on the core features and functionality for end users. The course is designed for new Sage CRM users.

• Introduction to Sage CRM
• Navigating Sage CRM
• Searching
• Companies
• People
• Opportunities
• Marketing
• Calendar & Activities
• Communication and Outlook Integration
• Team CRM
• Sage CRM Reports

Providing Sage CRM Administrators with the key skills and knowledge they need to effectively manage, maintain and customize their CRM database. This course is meant for people with a solid understanding of how to use the system.

• Administrator Overview
• Administrator Workspace
• General CRM Administration
• Managing CRM Teams
• Database security
• Reports
• Document Library
• Screen Customization
• Database Customization
• Database Maintenance
• Database Backups

Shore Resolutions is a leading provider of Technology Solutions for many industries throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our strategic partnerships with leading software publishers combines with our own team of software developers, allows us to provide solutions customized for your specific needs.

Shore Resolutions also provides a variety of computer training programs that ensure our clients utilize their solutions to the fullest extent.  Always remember to go with a name you can trust, always ask for references, and always make sure you are able to see a demonstration.

For a free consultation on how Shore Resolutions can help your business or practice, please see our
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