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Mobile Solutions

CRM Mobile Solutions make it easy for the sales force to stay productive even when out of the office.

Wireless PDA Access
The benefits of real-time access to your CRM solution and database are numerous and can have a positive impact on your business performance and profits. Wireless connectivity with enhanced support for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices using the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system brings real-time data to your fingertips - anywhere, anytime.

With online Internet access, PDA users such as field sales representatives can stay connected for real-time access, with a full range of functions accessible, enabling staff to view reports, and update contacts and sales opportunities. They also can continue to qualify leads, track customer issues, and manage tasks and calendars.

Wireless PDA access to your CRM solution simply makes you more productive, increasing productivity while reducing costs.

Remote Access Benefits
Shore Resolutions Arrow Access important account, contact, and history information
Shore Resolutions Arrow Maximize time while traveling
Shore Resolutions Arrow Cultivate stronger sales relationships
Shore Resolutions Arrow Improve customer service
Shore Resolutions Arrow Update account information
Shore Resolutions Arrow Add key account data
Shore Resolutions Arrow Schedule activities and appointments
Shore Resolutions Arrow Synchronize information at a later point in time
Shore Resolutions Arrow There are numerous other benefits

Offline Synchronization
A comprehensive CRM solution enables organizations to guarantee their sales, marketing, and customer care professionals have fast, up-to-date access to critical data - regardless of where these employees are located. Even when not connected to a network, mobile users can work offline and later synchronize with the central server, using the optional Offline Synchronization feature.

As a result, Offline Synchronization simply makes your field sales, marketing, and service personnel more productive and efficient because they can work anytime, anywhere regardless of connectivity. Offline Synchronization is also cost effective since end users can install the offline client by downloading it directly from CRM, without requiring additional software such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE).



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