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Connect a Mobile Device to Exchange Online

The following tutorial will walk you through setting up Microsoft Business Productivity Suite Online Services for Mobile Devices.

 Work with Windows Mobile Devices

The menu options of your Windows Mobile 6 device may be different than those described in these procedures. If you have questions, refer to your mobile device documentation.

If your Windows Mobile 6 device is already set up to sync with another computer running Microsoft Exchange Server, you must delete that e-mail account from your mobile device before your device can sync with Microsoft Exchange Online.

To delete an existing relationship with Exchange Server

  1. From the Windows Mobile Start menu on the mobile device, tap Programs, and then tap Active Sync.

  2. Tap Menu, and then tap Options.

  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange, and then tap Delete to delete the existing relationship.

To set up Windows Mobile 6 to connect with Microsoft Online Services

  1. On the mobile device, tap Start, tap Programs, and then tap Active Sync.

  2. Tap Menu, tap Add Server Source, and then enter the mobile device address for your company’s data. See URLs for Microsoft Online Services for the list of valid addresses.

  3. Select the This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection check box, and then tap Next.

  4. In User name, enter your Microsoft Online Services e-mail address. In Password, enter your password, select Save Password, and then tap Next. Leave the domain box blank.

  5. Select the check boxes for the types of data you want to synchronize, and then tap Finish.

  6. Your mobile device starts communicating with Microsoft Online Services.

Work with Blackberry Internet Service

To connect Blackberry Internet Service with Microsoft Online Services

  1. Use the Outlook Web Access address listed in URLs for Microsoft Online Services.

  2. If you are using the Blackberry Internet Service, refer to the instructions provided by your wireless service provider.

Work with Other Mobile Device Platforms

Microsoft Online Services supports other mobile devices that use Microsoft ActiveSync. Some examples include the Apple iPhone (with firmware version 2.0), Nokia E and N series phones with Mail for Exchange, and NotifySync for Blackberry.

To connect other ActiveSync devices to Microsoft Online Services