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An award winning team, partnerships with industry leading vendors, and our Relentless Customer Service make Shore Resolutions the right choice.

We cannot be happier with the results from Shore Resolutions effort in integrating our web site with our Microsoft CRM system. When visitors come to our web site, we now know how they got there and what they are looking for.

- Small Business Owner

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Our Mission

Shore Resolutions strives to innovate and reinvent the marketplace with our strategic client solutions. Our services, combined with our award winning software architects, provide businesses with a complete 360 degree view of their business. By providing crucial information, to the right people, in real time, management can make better business decisions. If your business is investigating financial business software, business intelligence software, or ERP software, or CRM Software, Shore Resolutions offers a free consultation.

We Stand Apart

We at Shore Resolutions believe successful projects are based on taking the time in the beginning to truly understand our client's business and operating environment. Industry expertise, support from our vendors, and most importantly, our Relentless Customer Service, make Shore Resolutions a leader in business software solutions throughout New Jersey, New York, and the Philadelphia Metro Area.