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Email Marketing Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Sales

Shore Resolutions is partnered with Swiftpage, a leading publisher of e-mail marketing software. Swiftpage has solutions which integrate with CRM Systems, Microsoft Excel, and can also function as a standalone application.

SwiftPage Email is the first online email system for marketing and sales that is fully integrated into your CRM System, or Microsoft Outlook. Your sales team is able to send from 1 to 100,000 emails at once without ever having to leave ACT, SageCRM, or Outlook to each of their own contacts – practicing true one-to-one marketing!

When you send a SwiftPage Email, you can view extensive open and click reports, right from the SwiftPage Email plug-in.

E-Mail marketing software allows you to send mass e-mails to your clients, customers, and partners, while staying compliant with SPAM regulations. You can also track who opens your mail, how many times they opened it, and if they forward it to another person. This information can help you manage your marketing and determine what works best – helping you make better business and marketing decisions.

Shore Resolutions was able to reduce our marketing costs by over 30% while increasing the effectiveness of our campaigns!

- Vice President of Marketing